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Whether you are considering cremation or would just like more information on the subject, we have a brochure that is designed to give you more information and background about the types of services, memorilizations, ritualizations and other choices that are available.

Cremation is a very personal choice. You must determine what form of preparation for final disposition you desire. Whether you choose earth burial, entombment or cremation, it is wise to consider the emotional needs of your survivors. By including your family and loved ones in your decisions, you may avoid the possibility of added stress during a very emotional time for your survivors.

Cremation is a process used to prepare the human body for final disposition. Through the use of intense heat and direct flames, the body is reduced to bone fragments. Cremation is not intended to replace the elements of the traditional funeral which may include any or all of the following: a service or ceremony at a church, funeral home chapel, lodge or other location; a visitation, viewing or wake; a graveside service. It is simply an alternative to earth burial or entombment of the body of the deceased.