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We at Rush Funeral Home agree with the AARP:
"Everyone should Pre-plan their own funeral."

Use our record guide to put your wishes on paper.

There are many decisions related to the funeral and burial...part of a seemingly endless number of things that would need attention by your family. But you can provide for them all by making a few basic selections today.

Once you've made your decision, tell us exactly what you want and we will help you put it in writing. This helps to avoid family disputes or involvement by others who may not know what you wanted. Your loved ones won't need to ask: Did we do the right thing? Did we spend too much or too little? Is it what he or she wanted? Did we forget anything? All that's eliminated because it's in writing.

Beyond pre-planning, many people are considering ways to pre-pay and guarantee that the goods and services selected never cost the family anything more. Pre-planning and pre-paying are attractive because together they offer peace of mind and security that survivors will not be burdened with these decisions.

If you are considering pre-paying: You can choose the payment plan that best suits your budget. And if you should relocate, you do not have to cancel. Your funeral plan goes with you.

Although the average funeral and burial cost much less today than many people expect... surely a funeral will cost much more in the future! Who knows if inflation will rise more rapidly in the future than in the past? When one must live on a fixed income, any additional costs can be significant.

If you pay the full amount today, your funeral is fully funded. You will know it won't be a financial burden on your family. Or, you can make monthly payments. We have payment plans to fit nearly everyone's budget.

Emergency Record Guide

Following is a useful form to gather all of the necessary information to begin pre-planning final arrangements. Feel free to print this form and use it for your records. Be sure to place the completed form in a place where family and friends will know to look in case they should need it. Never place final arrangement information in a safe deposit box, as such boxes are rarely accessed before final arrangements need to be made.